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As you know, during our opening day ceremonies, we passed out catalogs for a new fundraiser we are trying in partnership with Super Fan Fundraising.

Our main sources of revenue are sponsorship, concession stand revenue, and tag/can days.   Without the concession stand, we have lost approximately $25,000 in revenue since July 2017, when we closed the old shack.

We will continue to do our tag/can dates, and that revenue will go directly to league operating cost, and helps keep the cost to play as low as possible.
This new fundraiser's proceeds will go directly to the concession stand rebuild, as we are approximately $75,000 short in funding to complete the stand.

Attached is a parent letter surrounding this fundraiser.  It includes when to pass in the forms, how to order, who to have people write out checks to, and even how to sell online.   It also includes contact information for Corbin, our rep at Super Fan Fundraising who wants to help us!

To help kick some energy into this trial fundraiser, we will be running two contest, one for the team with the most sales, and one for the individual with the most sales:

Team Contest- highest sales per player wins a pizza party in June for their team (minimum $35 per player average on a team to win!)

Example of how it works:
Team A from Teeball has 8 players and they sell $300 worth of stuff, averaging $37.50 per player.
Team B from Minor Baseball has 12 players on the roster and they sell $400 worth of stuff, averaging $33.33 per player.
Team C from Major Softball has 11 players and sells $450 worth of stuff, averaging $40.91 per player.

In this case, Team B doesn't qualify, but Team A and Team C does.   Team C would win for having the highest average sale per player.

Individual contest:  The player that sells the most stuff (dollar value- minimum $250 to be eligible) will win the early bird registration rate for the 2020 season- meaning if you sign up during the early bird period, your registration for that player is free! 

Have fun and we appreciate your support!

sll fundraiser parent letter.pdf

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